You Just Received A PAGA Notice: We can HELP!

What is PAGA?

The Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) authorizes aggrieved employees to file lawsuits to recover civil penalties on behalf of themselves, other employees, and the State of California for Labor Code violations. The law gives employees in California the right to bring a lawsuit against their employers for any violation of the California Labor Code. In short, it allows employees to step into the shoes of an enforcement agency like the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and recover civil penalties on behalf of the California Labor Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) for aggrieved employees and their coworkers.

CABIA HR provides an extensive amount of services to help guide you through a PAGA Lawsuit from the day you get the notice until the final settlement. We will be with you the entire way.

Upon Notice we can review the complaint and then discuss strategies moving forward. CABIA HR has the ability to do an exposure analysis so you can see what you are up against. Everything we do can be used by your attorney, or we can help recommend attorneys that work with our non-profit.

We can be an extension of your HR Department and identify problems you should immediately correct. CABIA HR will analyze and see if the employee is truly aggrieved.

A PAGA-only action without class action component will often be turned into a hybrid class/PAGA action for settlement purposes. The average amount of settlements tends to hold steady until 2.5 years after commencement of the lawsuit. This is why you need an expert by your side and someone in your corner fighting for you!

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