Protect Yourself from PAGA

What can you do to minimize a class action Wage and Hour / Private Attorney General Act Lawsuit?

  • Employees need to take their lunch within 5 hours of the time they punch in, and NOT A MINUTE LATER!
  • An employee who works 8 hours is provided and is entitled to take two ten-minute rest periods, one during each four-hour segment, for each eight-hour working day, NEVER COMBINE BREAKS!
  • Rounding is a historic practice that was never changed after computerized timekeeping programs became available. Even a lawful rounding program invites legal challenges that are costly and time-consuming to defend and that have uncertain outcomes, DON’T ROUND!
  • Pay to the Punch! Employers must keep accurate records for each employee, including time records showing when the employee begins and ends each work period and meal break. The required time records must show the actual hours worked by the employee, so employers should not rely on work schedules posted in advance.



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